Crio.Do : Why Their Micro-Experiences Are Better Than Any Course Available Online

As we all sit at our homes, anxiously, still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s going to be hard to find a career-defining job any time soon, What is the best thing you can do? What is your way of preparing for the worst?

Let me tell you: Taking your skills to a level that even in a recession when you walk out of a job interview you feel proud of yourself for having given your absolute best.

But how will you build your skills? Online courses are in very limited playground environments where you feel you are learning a lot but when it comes to the actual work in real life you find yourself struggling.

If you agree with me then today I’m going to change your perception for the better.

Today, I finished the Crio.Do tryout micro-experiences and I must say I’m blown away. As a student and a Full Stack Developer who always struggles with understanding all the moving parts of DevOps, I was thrilled to find a course so comprehensive and advanced at the same time. I would go as far as saying:

This is how you teach Tech. Not online or offline. This is how you teach Tech.

Alright now, Let’s dive into these 2 free tryout micro experiences that I completed and see what they offer.


As an aspiring developer have you ever wondered what it takes to build a fully production-ready application which can be used to place food orders and post reviews on Facebook? This micro-experience will teach you all about it. It will give you a glimpse of what goes into tagging images using Computer Vision and posting reviews on Facebook automatically. Even if you think you are an experienced developer, think again. This course may teach you things you never even bothered to read about. All in all, a very delightful experience for a nerd like me. You actually get to build a backend system to post reviews on a Facebook page using Facebook’s graph API and POST requests. A must-have experience for anyone who wants to learn about building optimized backends.

System Design

This micro-experience actually caught me off guard. It made me realise how little I know about how the internet works and how just being able to build a react application is not enough to be a good developer. A very comprehensive micro-experience about the Internet, Load balancers, DNS servers and so much more. This micro-experience covers, in detail, everything you would need to understand the internet better.

And let me make it clear, you will have to actually build things there. In my experience, Crio does not believe in assuming that their students got the concepts. You have to prove it by creating your own virtual instance, setting up load balancers and serving content on a CDN. By the end of it, you will know the ins and outs these modern technologies.

And guess what? These micro-experiences are just a glimpse of what crio has to offer. If the free tryouts are so good I can’t wait to find out how the paid micro-experience are.

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to trying the more advanced micro-experiences myself and step up my game.

Amit Jha

P.S. : I’m not affiliated with crio.Do in any way and this post is the result of my own unbiased experience while trying their micro-experience.




Machine Learning | Full Stack Developer

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Amit jha

Amit jha

Machine Learning | Full Stack Developer

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